McManus Winter 1999 Photos

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Salsa sits waiting for a dog biscuit 
Salsa gives Patrick 'the eye' as he shootsher portrait
John displays his hair just before the cut 
John displays the same head a few hourslater! 
Patrick and Dad show their similar haircuts 
John and Julie in Patrick's room 
Patrick and Olivia give out tickets to VictoriaBeach on NY's Eve 99
Patrick types as Olivia takes phone orders
The kids meet the 1999 Pan Am Games mascoton NYs Eve 99
The kids play with Jack - Salsa's new cousin!
Patrick enjoys the new puppy
And more playing with Jack
Patrick plugs in the new Pokemon 'red' Gameboycartridge on Christmas morning
Olivia's 9th Birthday cake
Olivia examines her Art set on Christmasmorning
Olivia's birthday party - cake time at theDiscovery Zone
Olivia builds a snowfort in the back yard
Patrick puts the finishing touches on hiscastle in the back yard

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