It was another overcast day as I headed south down the coast from Portland.  You can see from the GPS that my ETA was just after 7 PM, and that is exactly what time I arrived in San Mateo.





On the photo on the left above, you can see fog hanging right on the mountain sides.  I was worried that I was going to run into snow, but the coldest that the temperature got in Siskiyou Pass was 37F/3C so I was OK.  There was snow right on the edge of the road, but nothing on the road.  I passed several signs which said "Carry Chains" - and I knew that both sets of my chains were safely in the garage!  You can see how nice the weather was as I entered California and had to declare that I had no fruit in the car.



As I departed Oregon and entered California, I was just about at the end of the nasty weather.  You can see that just past Mt Shasta, there is a glimmer of light from the sun making its way through the clouds.


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