One of the race photographers captured me as I ran from the beach to the T1 area to drop the wet suit, cap, goggles, and don my running shoes.  I was fairly happy with my swim as I came ashore as I had not worked too hard, the water was not too cold and I was ready for the bike.  From the swim results, I placed 5th out of 37 finishers in my division.  My time was 28:28 which corresponds to a swim pace of 1:05/100 yds (1:11/100m).  Since I can't swim that fast for 2400m, I know that we must have had a strong current assisting us.


On the bike, I was 7th out of the 37 finishers holding an average speed of 17.2 mph (27.7 km/hr).  While I was out on the bike, I drank a full bottle of Gatorade, and forced 4 high-caffine 100 cal gels into me.  I took one on the level section on the way out, the 2nd one upon entering Golden Gate park, the 3rd one departing Golden Gate park, and the final one on the level section as I approached the T2 area.



After coming back from the bike, I sat down and changed shoes.  Since our M55-59 Age Group was in the 3rd to last rack, we had to run our bikes a long distance to get to the "BIKE OUT" gate.  On the run, I placed 9th of the 37 finishers and my pace was 8:43/mile (5:24/km). 

Here is the link to the race website and the 2010 race results



After the race, I had a look at the 'geek' tan that I had picked up from being out on the bike for and hour, and being out on the run course for an your.  It shows the intensity of the hot sun that was affecting all of us during this tri.  It was not normal to have such hot weather in San Francisco in early May!



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YouTube Videos taken by others

YouTube Pros & First Age Groupers Swim Start (4:02) YouTube Pro Start (1:08)

YouTube Age Group Start (:28) YouTube Age Group
Mass Start (:25)
YouTube Age Group Start
with camera! (:40)
YouTube Run on Baker Beach
My Post Race Photos

Julie took this shot as I crossed the line

In the pen after grabbing a water and chatting with the other finishers.  I first bent over to take the chip off, then I made a better decision to have the Volunteer in the light green shirt do that for me!

The best use of a Rubbermaid Bin - for all your stuff from the Transition area.

She thought that we looked "challenged" as we searched for our two bags.