Victoria High School Rowing Championships - 12-13 November 2005

Elk Lake, Vancouver Island, BC

Parkland JNB4 finishes the race.  Note Patrick's race plan on Jake's back!

Parkland JNB4 crosses the finish line after giving it their best

Parkland JNB4 plans the return to the dock after the final (ahead of the ducks)

Parkland JNB4 brings the bow to the dock after the final

Parkland JNB4 climb out of the quad

Parkland JB8 strap in for the Junior 8s Final in the "heavy boat"

Parkland JB8 push off the dock

Parkland JB8 start rowing - Patrick is in the bow and still struggling to get feet strapped in

Parkland JB8 digs in as the battle for 3-4-5 goes right down to the wire

Parkland Junior Girls 8 are just ahead of Claremont by a nose approaching the finish

Parkland JG8 finishes ahead for 2nd

Parkland JG8 return to the dock

Parkland JG8 gave everything in the Final

Parkland JG8 come ashore after the Final

Parkland JG8 representatives pick up their ribbon