Dec 30 2005

Gathering of Eagles at 443 (Maritime Helicopter) Squadron

Lieutenant Governor Iona Campagnolo was a special guest at the 443 Helicopter Squadron’s Christmas soiree held just before Christmas 2005. She was joined by (left to right) the current Commanding Officer of 443 Squadron LCol Don Leblanc, CD (2004-2006), and former 443 Sqn COs: Col John McManus, OMM, CD (2000-2002); Her Honour The Honourable Iona Campagnolo, Lieutenant  Governor of British Columbia; S/L Art Sager, DFC (1944-1945); S/L Hart Finley, DFC (1945); and W/C Carl Smith, DFC, CD (1961-1964).

The photo was taken Tuesday, December 13th 2005 at the 443 (MH) Squadron “Hornets Nest” on the occasion of the annual 443 Squadron Open House. Both S/L Sager and S/L Finley were Spitfire “ACES” with five, or more confirmed kills, and all three retired ex-COs hold the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC).



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