Victoria High School Rowing Championships - 14 November 2004

Elk Lake, Vancouver Island BC

Parkland JNG8 returns after the heat

Parkland JNG8 comes alongside after coming 2nd in their heat

Parkland Coach Ms. Morris welcomes back the Junior Novice Girls 8 - City Champs!

The Parkland Junior Novice Girls 8s have a lead with 50m in Final remaining

Parkland JNG8 (in white) crosses the finish line

Junior Novice Girls 8 receive their Gold Medal

Heats Movie
Finals Movie
Right Click on the link above "Save Target As" to download the 2.1 Mg .avi  53 sec Movie - Junior Novice Girls 4 Heats  Download time should be less than 1 minute with cable modem
Olivia G, Sarah, Olivia M and Amanda come back to the dock after winning their JNG4 Heat
Right Click on the link above "Save Target As" to download the the 7.2 Mg Movie (2:12) in .avi format - Quad Finals
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North Saanich Junior Novice Boys 8 receive last minute race instructions

NS JNB8 Boys (& Gill) ready to push off

North Saanich JNB8 launch their 8

NS JNB8 heading to the start line

NS JNB8 comes straight down the course

Coach Kevin welcomes NS JNB8 back to the dock

NS JNB4 testing out the oars

NS JNB4 pushing back from the dock

NS JNB4 heading for open water